Every month, Kiwi Gardener enables New Zealanders to get the most out of their plants, throughout the seasons.

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Published Monthly
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It’s time to grow

Kiwi Gardener is a well-established specialist-interest publication. Originally Weekend Gardener and most recently delivered fortnightly, today’s monthly magazine offers more than ever before.

Throughout its history, one thing has remained the same: this is the magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty. Every issue provides the advice that enables Kiwi gardeners to get the most out of their plants, throughout the seasons.

Kiwi Gardener is a growing resource for all gardeners. Features on growing plants (natives, flowers, trees) and edibles (vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs) are presented as guides to all that can be added to the garden that month. While inspiring feature gardens, community gardens and articles on everyday Kiwi gardeners show us how it’s done.

Kiwi Gardener connects with green thumbs across the country via its publications, website and Facebook page.

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Kiwi Gardener allows advertisers to reach its loyal and engaged readers.

The magazine has with 10.17 readers per issue (113,000* readers), a database of 4000+ dedicated gardeners, which it reaches through the Kiwi Gardener newsletter, and 5000+ engaged members on its Facebook page.

A third of Kiwi Gardener‘s readers keep their copies for more than six months and 63% of readers are long-standing and loyal subscribers.

Kiwi Gardener reaches real gardeners, with 68% of its readers being regularly active in the garden.

*Nielsen Q2 2015- Q1 2016

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